Summer may be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Take a peek below to learn more about all of the fun programming we have here at the distillery and throughout New England!

bully boy distillery

Distillery Events

Public Cocktail Class

Thursday, August 16
Want to learn from the pros? Look no further than our lead bartenders for an immersive night of cocktail training. We begin our experience with a tour of the facility (with drink in hand) followed by a guided spirits tasting. Then we make our way into the Tasting Room for a hands-on mixology experience where you’ll learn all of the basic bartending terminology and techniques you’ll need to stun your friends and family. Take home the recipes for the 3 unique cocktails you’ll craft during your time here. Tickets are limited for an intimate experience.

Industry Night

Monday, August 27
We know that working in the food & beverage industry takes panache, fortitude, and the unflappable ability to “smile and wave” – consider this a token of our appreciation. We bring one of our favorite bartenders in on the last Monday of every month to create unique drink specials while offering sweet tunes, free za, and some fun bar games. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Owen from Moxy Restaurant, up in NH to try his delicious drinks on the 27th. Come get served.


Wednesday, August 29
The Peabody Essex Museum is one of the most highly regarded art museums here in New England. Truly a hidden gem. They’ve put together a night of cocktails, curated discussion of some of the boozier items in their collection, and an art instillation by our neighbor and renowned sculptor, Bill Thompson. Tickets are available for only $25 and space is limited – snag your spot today!

Peabody Essex Museum

Out and About

FiRE + iCE & BBD for the ARL

Get all of those acronyms? Good. For the entire month of August FiRE + iCE will donate 20% of all Bully Boy booze sales and 100% of “Maggie & Pippa’s Strawberry Salty Dog Punch” to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Not sure what to do with that open night on your calendar? Go grab a drink and help out some puppies and kittens.
Animal rescue of boston

Mixology Class at The Boston Public Market

Thursday August 2 and Friday August 10
One of our most popular offerings in the city takes place monthly at The Kitchen at The Boston Public Market. The classes have been so popular that we’ve decided to offer two this month! Join us for a hands-on mixology demonstration featuring 3 seasonal cocktails perfect for mixing up on a steamy night. Tickets still available for both dates!

Boston Grown-Ups Museum

Thursday, August 15 – Boston Children’s Museum
Why should kids get to have all of the fun? Once a month the Boston Children’s Museum opens its doors for all to enjoy. We’ll be featuring custom cocktails that evening alongside Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and Artisans Asylum and there will be tons of baby animals to keep you company. A few tickets still remain and you can grab your spot by checking out the ticketing page here.

Mixed Cocktail Competition

Monday, August 20 – Gloucester, MA
8 bartenders. 4 distilleries. Only 1 will come out victorious. Join 8 of the North Shore’s top bartenders as they participate in a rum-fueled battle royale. Watch them mix up drinks on the spot and sample the cocktails yourself. Small bites included along the way. Oh – and we totally hooked it up for you. Use code BULLYFORRUM to get $5 off of your ticket price. See you on the North Shore!

Cocktail Recipe

Safety Meeting

Ah yes – ye olde safety meeting. A staple in the hospitality industry. Whenever we’re not feeling safe we’ll mix up a batch of these bad boys. Gets us feeling right in no time. Also known as a DTO or Daiquiri Time Out. Whatever you end up calling it… we just hope you enjoy.
-2 ounces Boston Rum
-0.75 ounces simple syrup
-0.5 ounces lime juice
-0.25 ounces pineapple juice
-mint for daysssssssss
Shake with ice, strain into vessel of your choice. Feel free to double strain to remove bits of mint. Repeat as necessary until a calming blanket of safety has come over you.