Originally published on shoptalk.dmagazine.com

by Raya Ramsey


When boxes of new Biosanes Magic Cookies hit the desks of D, at first, I pushed them aside. I wasn’t interested in another weight loss product. Then, one day I forgot my breakfast. I opened a Magic Cookie packet and inhaled the patty of grainy granola goodness suffused with crunchy chia seeds and sticky dried cranberries. Not bad. So I checked the label: 190 calories? Okay. Gluten free? Sweet. Five grams of fiber? I’ll take it. Then I checked the press release. To my surprise, the company’s head honchos are Nanci Masso, one of 2009′s 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas, and daughter Faryn Clark, owner of Facelogic spa. Claims are, these cookies will stave off hunger, boost immunity, and provide lots of nutrients. To that, I shrug my shoulders. (I’m a believer in simple clean eating as the key to weight loss and wellness.) But I’d definitely add the Granola Cranberry with Chia cookies to my snack and on-the-go munchies regimen. (Not so much the Natural Oatmeal Raisin.) Available in single, 7, and 14-count packs for $3.25 to $40.