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John Landon wasn’t kidding when he chose the name for his latest cookie-creating endeavor. Good Cookies of Naples is just that. Ask anyone who has tried one of his fresh ginger cookies or white chocolate and raspberry macaroons. Their response, “Now, that’s a good cookie!”

After all, these aren’t your grandchildren’s cookies. Made with the freshest ingredients, Landon totes his signature confectioneries as “adult cookies.” No doubt, considering the recipe was passed down from a 92-year old resident of a retirement community where

Landon once worked. Bob Ross gave Landon his ginger cookie recipe over ten years ago. “This is Bob’s legacy. When he gave it to me, he said that it was his family’s proudest cookie,” explains Landon. “When he started making them 25 years ago, it was really hard to find the crystallized ginger the recipe calls for. I even had to go to special markets when I started making them ten years ago.”

Tweaking the recipe over the years, Landon feels he has finally found the perfect blend of fresh ginger, cloves, brown sugar and molasses to make the most flavorful and moist ginger cookie out there. Using all upscale spices and grinding them by hand, the adult-inspired cookies offer some serious flavor.

A self-described foodie, Landon is the dining room manager of a retirement community in Naples. “I have a love for food and I love to eat. That’s how I became a good cook. By watching the chefs, I learned to cook. That passion is basically what drives everything. It drove me to learn to bake and to start this cookie business.”

For ten years, Landon handed out his ginger cookies to family, friends and folks within the retirement community where he works, “for the sheer joy of making people happy.” Realizing that making these cookies made him happy too, John decided to start his Good Cookies company in September of 2011. After all, “it’s not work if you love what you’re doing.”

Landon began his cookie company venture by selling at local Farmer’s Markets in Naples. Coconut Point Green Market, in Estero, became his home on Thursdays and Sundays were spent at the Farmer’s Market on Pine Ridge and Airport. “I started out selling the ginger cookies and they went over really well during the holiday season. To keep people coming, I realized I needed to develop more cookies. That’s how my flavored macaroons and brownie pops came about.”

Landon’s tropical flavored macaroons feature flavors such as white chocolate and raspberry and key lime, white chocolate and dried cranberries. “I can do a lot of different things with the macaroons. For example, I can stuff them with Rolos candies to create a chocolate and caramel flavored macaroon.” Hershey’s Kisses and Meyer Lemon curd flavors are also available… and amazing!

John’s Ghiradelli Brownie Pops have a sophisticated flavor, but are also a favorite with the youngsters. He has developed a Brownie Pop Party Kit; ideal for birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, holiday parties and more. The kit includes individually wrapped brownie pops with soufflé cups of chocolate, caramel, honey, frosting, raspberry melba, chopped nuts, Heath toffee brittle, Rice Krispies, coconut flakes, graham cracker crumbs and then some. Dip your brownie pop in any of these toppings for a flavor sensation!

All of Landon’s creations were a hit throughout the Farmer’s Market season. As the majority of Farmer’s Markets have closed for the summer, John now sells his cookies at Three60 Market at 2891 Bayview Drive and Cooper’s Farm Market at 285 9th Street in Naples. Both locations offer Landon’s cookie creations in different sizes and quantities.

Landon’s Good Cookies are also available in the pre-cooked form. Fresh or frozen cookie dough offers a chance for fresh baked cookies any time. He easily delivers to all of Naples and can ship the cookies or dough at a very reasonable rate. Great for a gift to that special someone or for a gourmet snack on the run, once you try Good Cookies, you’ll be coming back for more!

For more information about Good Cookies, visit, email John, or call (239) 248-7501.

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