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Let the CHAOS Begin! On November 9th, 2012, CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™, the country’s first twist & serve®, low-calorie, low-carb vodka cocktail complemented with 20+ natural citrus and berry flavors officially hit shelves in all four major cities in Texas including its headquarters, Austin—just amidst the Holiday 2012 season. CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ is the first product to launch out of the CHAOS COCKTAILS™ brand, founded by local Texas female entrepreneur, Lesley Sarkesian.

The CHAOS brand, with a vision to create contemporary and convenient products specifically designed to “control chaos” has created a cocktail with packaging that customers (both women and men) want: convenient, non-traditional, delicious, and light. CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ brings the taste of a pre-mixed cocktail to a new level with over twenty natural flavors. The product’s tagline describes the taste of CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ perfectly: the tart essence of berries meets the bold zest of citrus. Adventurous yet elegant, versatile while sophisticated, CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ is not just a cocktail, but a lifestyle.

Among a growing market of low-calorie, low-carb vodka cocktails, CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ brings an unusual and refreshing back-story as a bonus to an already attractive alcoholic beverage and brand. This authentic cocktail recipe comes from the kitchen of Sarkesian, CEO and Founder of CHAOS COCKTAILS™, not from a laboratory in a large corporation.

Some thirty years ago, juggling a “chaotic” professional and social life as well as a tight budget, Sarkesian searched for a “guilt-free-no-surprises” option for the occasional cocktail. Tired of what was being served in bars and sold at liquor stores, she began to make her own concoction of a raspberry and citrus vodka cocktail made with natural fruit juices and low-calorie sweeteners—an alternative that allowed her to maintain a healthy diet, stay in shape, and still have fun. Throughout her 20s and 30s, Sarkesian continued to serve the homemade cocktail at parties and get-togethers. To her friends and colleagues, Sarkesian’s signature cocktail became just as well known as her impressive spirit and work ethic.

Fast-forward to 2011. Now armed with a successful resume that includes marketing and branding for Fortune 500 companies, running marathons, finishing a half Ironman, enjoying a high-profile social life, and being the happy single mother of two, the former Chicago-native moved to Austin and subsequently launched her own national lifestyle brand. The brand’s vision and goal is to provide a solution to life’s everyday chaos and is inspired by none other than her beloved recipe which she christened, CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™.

“Austin supports big new ideas and is packed with generous, imaginative people who embrace healthy happy lifestyles. Both the culture and the Texas investment community deliver the perfect environment for success, and I’m thrilled to launch the company here,” Sarkesian says of her adopted hometown and birthplace of her new brand.

Distributed by the second-largest beverage alcohol distributor of premium wine and spirits, Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ was sold to every major retail chain in the targeted market in Texas as of November 2012. Although CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ is officially classified in the Ready-To-Pour (RTP) Mixed Spirit Industry, Sarkesian has registered the phrase, twist & serve®, which she believes will catch on quickly.

As a twist & serve® pre-mixed vodka cocktail, consumers can enjoy CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ by purchasing the 750 mL bottle at local retail stores. And when out on the town, consumers can still enjoy the cocktail at local bars, restaurants, and nightclubs taking comfort in the “no surprises” benefit of a twist & serve® beverage.

With women being accountable for 83% of U.S. consumer spending, $4 trillion annually, according to WomenCertified®, a women’s consumer advocacy and retail training organization headquartered in Hollywood, CA, it is no surprise to Sarkesian that they are at the core of the target market for RTP pre-mixed cocktails. But she also points out that there are other reasons that women of all nationalities are her main target market for CHAOS COCKTAILS™ and CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™.

“Women have been under-served because we have been over-served calorie-filled cocktails. I wanted to change this. With CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™, we now have a low-calorie, low-carb, great tasting option to twist & serve®,” she has stated.

The CHAOS COCKTAILS™ brand is still marketable to men and specifically CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ has proven to be a preferred choice of all genders in recent blind taste-testings conducted prior to the initial launch. Whether CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ saves time, money or calories, Sarkesian hopes that her original spirited concoction will refresh, relax, and inspire consumers as well as help them to “do more with less.”

“Chaos is a constant in all of our lives, so we might as well celebrate it, right?” she notes.

CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ is a vodka cocktail complemented with natural citrus and berry flavors. The average analysis of CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ per 1.5 fl. oz.: Calories 43, Carbs 1.7g, Protein 0g, Fat 0g.

As a 12.5% al. by vol. vodka cocktail, CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ must be consumed by adults 21 years of age and older. Please enjoy responsibly. Less is more!

CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ is available at fine liquor stores in the Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso & Lubbock, Houston, Longview, and Waco, Texas markets. CHAOS ON THE ROCKS™ is also now available at Kenichi, Austin’s Premier Japanese Cuisine and Sake Experience.

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