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Following on the success of her latest cocktail book Edible Cocktails: Garden To Glass (Adams Media, 2012), Natalie Bovis, aka: The Liquid Muse, brings the marriage of cuisine and mixology to her new online video show Edible Cocktails: Kitchen Meets Bar.

As an established media presence and consultant in the global mixology movement, The Liquid Muse has remained in step with food and beverage trends, bridging the gap between the spirits industry and savvy consumer since 2006. Bovis’ passion for using fresh, seasonal ingredients in both food and drink reaches to a wider audience through this informative and entertaining how-to video series, broadcast monthly at, and other partnering online food and beverage media outlets. The premiere episode of Edible Cocktails “Pumpkin Pomegranate Puree” went live in September 2012.

It instructs viewers on incorporating seasonal pumpkin and PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur into a delicious side dish that can also become a delightful cocktail ingredient. Upcoming topics include all-natural jellies using certified organic OM Cocktails; and PAMA whipped cream used in delightful dessert trifle as well as a hot-toddy style winter drink topped with a creamy garnish.

Future episodes will include using vinegar-based shrubs, fresh herbs, candied citrus and ginger, Natalie’s signature Absinthe brownies, and spirit infusions in both cooking and cocktails.  The simple, easy-to-follow recipes are posted alongside the videos at – See more at: