5857256820_7a7bc32904_zIn this day and age when martini recipes have become exceedingly common Figenza Vodka has managed to stand out from the rest, as it has changed the way cocktails are mixed, tasted and appreciated. By combining the best Mediterranean figs with smooth premium vodka, you get drinks that are truly one of a kind.

What makes Figenza different from the rest is the care that went into its creation. It has taken a dozen years to produce the Figenza taste, and since then it has come to signify everything good about vodka and cocktails. Only the finest figs are selected and handpicked from Turkey and Greece, all of which are distilled several times so you get the full and refined taste. A proud member of the Carriage House Imports product line, it is now the undisputed leader in the fig vodka market.

Not only has Figenza become synonymous with high quality mixed drinks, but it is also recognized as the mixologist’s best friend because of its flexibility. Unlike other concoctions, the drink not only works well as a component in classic and innovative cocktail recipes (of which many are provided on the website) but also as standalone cocktail.

At its official website you will see an image gallery of their Drink of the Month complete with recipes and videos to show you how it is done. Whether you are a bartender, mixologist or just a hobbyist you can use the recipes featured on the site as an inspiration to come up with unique and special cocktails. Whatever it is you are looking for, whether it is sangria, cosmo, mojito or martini, you are bound to find one to suit your tastes.

As everyone knows, vodka is a very popular and widely used ingredient in cocktail recipes, as it allows you to come up with many concoctions. The key of course, is choosing the right one, and with Figenza your cocktails will always have different and exquisite tastes while still retaining the spirit of the Mediterranean.

People today expect more from their cocktails and drinks, and Figenza is here to make sure that your days of drinking plain vodka drinks are over. Although considered as one of the Mediterranean’s hidden delights, it is now a rising star and is capturing the hearts, minds and taste of buds of drinkers everywhere. For those looking for something different in their vodka and cocktails, the choice is clear: it’s Figenza.

About Figenza Vodka Figenza is a distinct drink combining the finest vodka of Europe and the choicest figs in the Mediterranean. It is this mixture that provides it with a distinct flavor that you cannot find anywhere else. For more information please go to http://www.figenzavodka.com/