With Memorial Day behind us, summer is officially in full swing–which means poolside cocktails are a must! Just launched, Baja Bob’s new sugar-free cocktail mix Singles are the freshest way to punch up the summer vibes without the hassle, mess or excess sugar and calories of traditional cocktail mixes.

Available in three refreshing flavors, these cocktail Singles contain only 5-10 calories per packet and zero sugar–a sweet deal in comparison to the typical 250 calories and 20-30 grams of sugar found in other cocktail mixes.

Ready to whip up some guilt-free cocktails in 2 minutes or less? Check out a delicious recipe idea below, and let me know if you’d like to receive samples or images for a possible story.


3 oz vodka in a cocktail shaker
Add ½ to 1 packet Baja Bob’s Mudslide Mix Singles
Add ice
Shake well to dissolve
Strain into a martini glass and enjoy!