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Christmas time is chocolate factory time. Turn the kitchen into a sweets making factory and create delicious chocolate candies for family and friends.

Kids-Activities-BLogger-HeaderThe little chocolate nuggets are easy to make. Ingredients needed will vary depending on the desired flavors of chocolate and decorations. The first step is to choose the right chocolate, put it into a metal bowl, that has been placed in a hot water bath, and stir the chocolate until its melted.

The second step is either to spoon the melted chocolate onto parchment paper or to spoon it into silicone forms.

Finally, let the kids decorate the melted chocolate by adding toppings such as mini marshmallows, chopped nuts, raisins, cranberries, candied peel, sugar sprinkles, or candied cherries. The topping list is endless. Check out the complete instructions and ingredient list on Kids Activities Blog.

Another favorite chocolate gift idea is homemade Chocolate Chip cookies. Kids Activities Blog is featuring a delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe idea that comes with free printable personalized recipe cards. The homemade cookies and recipe cards will make a perfect homemade Christmas gift for family and friends. Simply follow the instructions to mix the ingredients and put the batch of cookies into a homemade container. The container will keep the cookie dough fresh for up to 2 weeks. Check out Kids Activities Blog for the complete Chocolate Chip cookie recipe and how to make the homemade container.

These and other delicious chocolate recipe ideas with printable recipe cards are featured during the month of December on Kids Activities Blog. Get inspired and turn the kitchen into a sweet factory this holiday season.

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