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Top Shelf adds to it’s portfolio of cocktail mixers a tasty yet tart raspberry martini and a sweeter than spicy Bell Pepper Bloody Mary to it’s just add vodka lineup.

Founder and Master Mixologist Paul Dunning said on behalf of the Raspberry Martini, “There was a demand for a crisp and balanced raspberry cocktail martini for elegant parties and events, you must try it!” This new fruit based mixer is added to it’s existing lineup of martinis; Pomegranate, Sour Apple, Cosmopolitan and Lemon Drop.

Top Shelf Bell Pepper Bloody Mary is the second bloody mary in the Top Shelf portfolio, aside Jalapeno Bloody Mary. “A ripe bell peppersalong with our magical spices bring this sweeter than spicy bell pepper home to the loyalist bloody mary aficionados,” Paul said.

Top Shelf’s nine mixers are lower in sugar, calories and acidity in comparison to most other cocktail mixers on the market. Top Shelf’s (non-alcoholic) cocktail mixers are sold in Colorado, Southern California and online making about 13 cocktails when adding it’s premium spirits partner (vodka, rum or tequila). Top Shelf is manufactured and bottled in Top Shelf’s controlled manufacturing kitchen and made from naturally Gluten-Free fruits, vegetables and spices. Product has also been randomly tested via AIB for

Top Shelf was founded by Paul T. Dunning in 2005 when he recognized a neglected niche in the non-alcoholic cocktail mixer industry. He observed that although premium and super premium spirits had revived the stagnant cocktail market, the cocktail mixer industry had made no significant response. Cocktail mixers continued to be thick, synthetic mixtures of corn syrup and artificial chemicals that were obviously unhealthy and not Gluten-Free. Paul noticed while some companies tried to make improvements they lacked the unique insight he could offer. Paul spent three years developing recipes, and founded Top Shelf Mixers Inc. in March 2007 to produce the next generation of perfectly balanced premium cocktail mixers.